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We welcome you to enter into a rare world of turtles and tortoises. Sense the mystery of the river turtle, the awesome power of the Alligator turtle and the beauty of the Radiated tortoise. See and feel the spirit of the Sulcata Tortoise for luck, and the Malaysian Giant River Turtle for wishes. Be fascinated by the majestic Pig Nose Flying Turtle and the Six Legged Tortoise. Listen to the lonely noise of the Indian Star Tortoise and marvel at the strange looking Soft Shell Turtle from India. Be entertained by the funny antics of Terrapins and Box Turtles roaming freely through the park. You can also pet and hand feed some of them. If you are in luck, you may even get a rare glimpse of nature at work as these reptiles mate.

More than just a collection of reptiles - a true learning experience for all.
At the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum, we are committed to the health of our environment and to every turtle and tortoise large and small. This philosophy has given us a rare and precious chance to rescue and rehabilitate as many of the rarer species that we can.


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Experience feeding some of our giant turtle family members up close and personal like none other! Please collect the feed at the counter of the museum.

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